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File name Description Size
anchor Afunjumps_b1.pk3
1.4 MB
anchor AlmostIcyjumps_a1.pk3 By ic3fight (2017)
13.8 MB
anchor BlastJumps-One_Trash.pk3 By Blastaw: Grabrooms, Bstjumps textures And Bstjumps copies!
12 MB
anchor BlastJump_One.pk3
2.1 MB
anchor CubeJumpBeta03.pk3
997 KB
anchor del_ladder_fix.pk3 By Delirium: A small example to make fast ladders without lemming
minimum 1 x/y unit and 16 z units
17 KB
anchor eg1.pk3 Test of Egypte Jumps by Kl4nk (added march 2011)
4.7 MB
anchor ex_funstuff_v1.pk3
9.9 MB
anchor fastjump.pk3
24.7 MB
anchor iJumps.pk3 By ProJumper: TEST map JAN 2012
17 MB
anchor j4n_riwa.pk3 No Stamina, 1 jumproom (nov 2012)
10.6 MB
anchor JUMP.pk3
373.8 KB
anchor jump.pk3 By Misato San: 1 green room ice jump
514.9 KB
anchor jump3.pk3 One jump room (feb 2011)
137.2 KB
anchor jumptry.pk3 By Smeagol: First jump of ajumps
861 KB
anchor jumpy_frag.pk3
6.4 MB
anchor jump_1.pk3 By Projumper: Turbo Ice jumps: just 1 very easy ice jump (may 2012)
256.1 KB
anchor Killua-Tawa.pk3 No Stamina (nov 2012)
1.9 MB
anchor kubikjumps_b1.pk3 Some first jumps, no lightning (8 apr 2012)
270 KB
anchor MapynDows-Jumping.pk3 Easy, but not to bad (probably same map as the ut4_...)
6.4 MB
anchor models-pack1.pk3 Models Pack 1
by Gets
49.6 MB
anchor models-pack2.pk3 Models Pack 2
by Gets
49.5 MB
anchor models-pack3.pk3 Models Pack 3
by Gets
20.3 MB
anchor newjump_00.pk3 testmap (1 jump) by Projumpers (mar 2012)
3.3 MB
anchor ngifilter_001.pk3 Test by ProJumper (mar 2012)
427.1 KB
anchor ngijumps_test1.pk3 Test version by ProJumper (dec 2011)
22 MB
anchor Noobie-jump.pk3 By Blastaw: One huge room with Bstjumps textures (its not the same map as Blastjumps)
9.2 MB
anchor testjump.pk3
320.8 KB
anchor textures_missingq3.pk3 Texture fix for some q3 maps which are updated for urt
43.3 MB
anchor UrtPlayerTowerMap.pk3 Just 1 tower
607.5 KB
anchor ut4_-icyjumps_a1.pk3 Test map by Projumper (mar 2012)
3.7 MB
anchor ut4_2hard2jump.pk3 Test map by Opex (jan 2012)
Forum: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1179
2.2 MB
anchor ut4_100metres.pk3 old race map
1 MB
anchor ut4_baseentrenamiento.pk3 Start with climbroom, then some waterjumps, icejump. Some trees and some pictures.
Made by PorNoStar
7.1 MB
anchor ut4_bbjumps.pk3 Test for ut4_portal_tj
2.4 MB
anchor ut4_BestJump_Beta1.pk3
9.5 MB
anchor ut4_BestJump_Beta2.pk3 With textures and jump-copys from Bstjumps
6.3 MB
anchor ut4_black_map.pk3 By Smeagol: With this map you replay the demo you made with the other
'temporarily renamed' 'black' map. So you can make a avi from the demo for your video
225.2 KB
anchor ut4_black_map_Concrete.pk3 By Smeagol: For MOVIE making, temporary rename this map to ut4_black_map, then make a demo!
225.3 KB
anchor ut4_bstjumps_b4_ns.pk3 By Moonie: Global sounds disabled: No Spam version
14.4 MB
anchor ut4_cemetery_jump.pk3 Unfinished map with some little jumps (may 2011)
2.9 MB
anchor ut4_crew_ffjump.pk3
731.5 KB
anchor ut4_CubyJumps_b1.pk3 +/- 11 jumps, grey/white block-textures, black lines.... (not good enough for release)
1.5 MB
anchor ut4_deathtrapjumps_a1.pk3 By Lizart: test map (okt 2014)
8.7 MB
anchor ut4_defa_t1.pk3
977.2 KB
anchor ut4_dontgetwet_a9.pk3 An other _a9 version than at old Maps
12 MB
anchor ut4_dontgetwet_devr0.pk3 By Misato-san: Updated by Rambetter to have normal footsteps and flags
12.5 MB
anchor ut4_dontknowhatshit_jumps123.pk3 Added 2013 july 5
By Dreik? (Mapper's corner Free spare parts for map(s)!)
5 MB
anchor ut4_doodle-jump.pk3 Map with only launchers (mar 2012)
324.3 KB
anchor ut4_dudeljumps_a32.pk3 ACTUAL TEST VERSION (june 2011) Good map with 3 jumps by ikx.
Approved for download
10.6 MB
anchor ut4_earthship_jumps.pk3 By Jumpsrule (Testmap jan 2012)
8.1 MB
anchor ut4_EMH-Jumps_b.pk3 Same map as the one without capitals
19.9 MB
anchor ut4_fastjumpbeta2.pk3 Same map as longjump
24.8 MB
anchor ut4_fir3manjumps_b1.pk3 By Fir3_Man (Dec 2011). just 1 room.
80.6 KB
anchor ut4_FirstJumps.pk3 About 7 jumps, startroom has some huge white cilinders, noobish.
8.3 MB
anchor ut4_flux_dev.pk3 by Psyduck, testversion with bugs (july 2013)
16.9 MB
anchor ut4_flux_dev3.pk3
16.9 MB
anchor ut4_fotovideo.pk3 By Samm: to take screenshots of models, weapons....
7.8 KB
anchor ut4_Godlyjumps.pk3 By Richardyourgod: Testmap of Equilibrium.
Most jumps are the same, design still very beta.
13.1 MB
anchor ut4_greenfrog_a2.pk3 By ccc: Unreleased 'race' map for 4.1 (apr 2013)
2.7 MB
anchor ut4_greenroom.pk3 By Rambetters: The map for MOVIE makers (search urbanterror.info for explanation)
1 MB
anchor ut4_happyfunstuffroom.pk3 By Happyday: Map with mirror & funstuff commands
2.2 MB
anchor ut4_highjumps.pk3 Grey map, 4 long medium jumps. Not to bad!
135.2 KB
anchor ut4_hitech01.pk3 ACTUAL TEST VERSION (october 2011) Hitechjumps
3.1 MB
anchor ut4_icerace0.pk3 By Samm: Test map for 4.2
2.7 MB
anchor ut4_icyfunspot.pk3 Added okt 2014
28 MB
anchor ut4_icyjumpsngi_beta2.pk3 Testmap by Projumper, it has some jumps
4.6 MB
anchor ut4_icyjumps_a3.pk3 Test map by ProJumper, name has nothing to do with map by Rambetter
3.7 MB
anchor ut4_icynoob.pk3 Very unfinished map, may 2011
9.5 MB
anchor ut4_icyproto.pk3 by Kamikazz (06-08-2012) 5 jumps
7.9 MB
anchor ut4_icysequel_pro1-1.pk3 By Kronik. Test map jan 2015
10.2 MB
anchor ut4_icysequel_pro1-2.pk3 By Kronik. Test map jan 2015
10.2 MB
anchor ut4_icy_relaxation_a1.pk3 By ProJumper (may 2013) Testmap
8.9 MB
anchor ut4_ikarus_dev(1).pk3 By Drezil, containing jumps of apath0
Map is big, 99MB, you can play this version ut4_ikarus_dev_repacked (77MB)
99.3 MB
anchor ut4_imperfect_b3_dev1.pk3 By PsyDuck: testmap april 2014
3.2 MB
anchor ut4_imperfect_b3_dev2.pk3
3 MB
anchor ut4_invisiblejump-preview.pk3 By Try0: just 2 or 3 jumps for never made map
263.3 KB
anchor ut4_jumpents.pk3 Edit By Frosen Sand: testmap for jumpmappers to learn the new entities for racing
Version for urt 4.2.009
125.1 KB
anchor ut4_jumpforgays_b2.pk3 - (only changed name? Same or different?)
5.1 MB
anchor ut4_jumpingmadness_a1.pk3 Nice made map, last jump is impossible.
7 MB
anchor ut4_jumps_2.pk3 By Smeagol: Testmap of Xjumps
1.6 MB
anchor ut4_Jumptest.pk3 Same as Wasajumps
4.5 MB
anchor ut4_Jumptest_v2.pk3 Same as Wasajumps
4.5 MB
anchor ut4_karajump.pk3 Test version
(it looks like jumps and global design are the same as in the final release)
8 MB
anchor ut4_Kouly-Jumps_v1.pk3 By Kouly: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1453
forum: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=988
15.8 MB
anchor ut4_liftjumps_dev.pk3 Test version jan 2012
7.7 MB
anchor ut4_longjump.pk3
1.5 MB
anchor ut4_lotr_final.pk3 Last (test-)version by Smeagol (october 2011)
13.6 MB
anchor ut4_MapynDows-Jumping.pk3
6.4 MB
anchor ut4_mercury_ujcmedium.pk3 By Levant, Urt Jumpers Contest 2010/2011
1.2 MB
anchor ut4_mercury_ujcpro.pk3 By Levant, Urt Jumpers Contest 2010/2011
1.6 MB
anchor ut4_newgenerationicy_001.pk3 Test map by ProJumper 28 mar 2012
2 MB
anchor ut4_newgenerationicy_a1.pk3 Test map by ProJumper 29 mar 2012
3.8 MB
anchor ut4_notfornoobs_a1.pk3 By Moonie, unreleased testmap with 4 jumps, nov 2011
1.2 MB
anchor ut4_project-test1.pk3 First map made by Moonie: Just 3 or 4 jumps.
1001.2 KB
anchor ut4_roxeajump_beta.pk3 - (Same map, but renamed so the R is a r)
3.5 MB
anchor ut4_samm.pk3 By Samm: a very little boring room, useless
1.4 MB
anchor ut4_samm2.pk3 By Samm: another very little boring room, useless
395.9 KB
anchor ut4_samm_pw1.pk3 By Samm: Test map for 4.2
PW1-6 all different maps
1.4 MB
anchor ut4_samm_pw3.pk3
1.4 MB
anchor ut4_samm_pw4.pk3
1.1 MB
anchor ut4_samm_pw5.pk3
1.2 MB
anchor ut4_samm_pw6.pk3
1.5 MB
anchor ut4_skipjumps_b2_mod3.pk3 By Luckypops: Skipjumps remake, fixed j18
2 MB
anchor ut4_stylejumps_a2.pk3 By Xstyle: 2 Boring grey jumps
803.9 KB
anchor ut4_superman_b4.pk3 By Wily Duck: Fix for missing textures of skulljumps
13 MB
anchor ut4_surfacesoundslist_b1.pk3 By Sauron: Map with all surface sounds (for mappers)
1.8 MB
anchor ut4_terr_pw5.pk3 By Samm: Test map for 4.2
1.6 MB
anchor ut4_testLast01C.pk3 By Try0: 1 jump for Smorielf
2.5 MB
anchor ut4_test_jump.pk3
157 KB
anchor ut4_training_b1.pk3 - Map to test your fragcapabilities ?
2.4 MB
anchor ut4_twjump.pk3
1.4 MB
anchor ut4_universe_jumps.pk3 About 8 jumps in one big skybox, last jump is very hard (feb 2012)
5.1 MB
anchor ut4_walljumps_pro_hell2.pk3 Size different then the released version, jump/map i dont know difference yet
2.4 MB
anchor ut4_Wasajump_v1_5.pk3
3.8 MB
anchor ut4_Wasajump_v1_5b.pk3
3.9 MB
anchor ut4_Wasajump_v1_5c.pk3
4.4 MB
anchor ut4_Wasajump_v2.pk3 By Zerders (Dub clan)
Cheese Jumps xD
3.9 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev01.pk3 Unfinished map by Richardyourgod
Being updated by Markinho (2013)
9.6 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev02.pk3
9.6 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev03.pk3
9.6 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev04.pk3
9.6 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev05.pk3
9.6 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev06.pk3
9.6 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev07.pk3
9.6 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev08.pk3
9.7 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev09.pk3
9.6 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev10.pk3
9.6 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev11.pk3
9.6 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev12.pk3
9.7 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev13.pk3
9.6 MB
anchor ut42_moria_dev14.pk3
9.6 MB
anchor various_textures_v2.pk3 TEXTURES for skull/bounce/legendary/parkour... (by v00d00)
1.4 MB
anchor zzzallfunstuffever.pk3 Funstuff pack 3 by Zottel (added okt 2014)
Topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtop … 187#p32187
47 MB
anchor zzzfunstuff6.pk3 Funstuff pack 1 by Moonie: Some funstuff of different maps
4.1 MB
anchor zzzRetroMapPak35.pk3 Old player-skins
29.4 MB
anchor zzz_funnystuff02.pk3 Funstuff pack 2 by a3519607, release JAN 2012
Topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtop … 049#p16049
30.2 MB

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