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IMPORTANT: Someone decided to hack the UJ server and delete all the files on it including the backups. So now we are trying to rebuild from what we have. This may take a few days so bear with us

5 Maps by landouille

Map Name ▾▴ Level Map Maker Filename Size
jupiter Jupiter 82.5 levant, landouilleLevant, landouille ut42_jupiter.pk3 ut42_jupiter.pk3 11332969 10.8 MB
neptune Neptune 50 landouillelandouille ut4_neptune_beta1_run2.pk3 ut4_neptune_beta1_run2.pk3 28263351 27 MB
saturn (1 path) Saturn (1 Path) 59 landouillelandouille ut4_saturn_beta1.pk3 ut4_saturn_beta1.pk3 20189864 19.3 MB
saturn (2 paths) Saturn (2 Paths) 70.6 landouillelandouille ut4_saturn_beta2.pk3 ut4_saturn_beta2.pk3 31925560 30.4 MB
wall runner Wall Runner 78 landouillelandouille ut4_ujfm-wallrunner.pk3 ut4_UJFM-wallrunner.pk3 14819851 14.1 MB

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