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IMPORTANT: Someone decided to hack the UJ server and delete all the files on it including the backups. So now we are trying to rebuild from what we have. This may take a few days so bear with us

4 Maps by Vivaldi

Map Name ▾▴ Level Map Maker Filename Size
ballad Ballad 70 vivaldiVivaldi ut43_ballad_v1.pk3 ut43_ballad_v1.pk3 32943827 31.4 MB
climax Climax 84.5 vivaldiVivaldi ut4_climax_v1.pk3 ut4_climax_v1.pk3 14100457 13.4 MB
jump me Jump Me 32 vivaldiVivaldi ut4_jumpme_beta1.pk3 ut4_jumpme_beta1.pk3 2449493 2.3 MB
rhapsodic jumps Rhapsodic Jumps 82.5 vivaldiVivaldi ut4_rhapsodicjumps_4.pk3 ut4_rhapsodicjumps_4.pk3 11056615 10.5 MB

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