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Language: French

Level: 80/100 (Vote: 10)Jupiter

With timer

Map maker: Levant, landouille

Jupiter: Easy & Medium Ways

Release Date: 2013-01-19

Number of jumps: 84 (4 ways)

File: ut42_jupiter.pk3 (10.8 MB)

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About Jupiter

At the beginning, my purpose was to create some jumps because I had some ideas of jumps that didn't existed in other jumpmaps, but I hadn't enough motivation. Landouille proposed me to make a jump map with him, here started the "xway" project. We were going to make a map with various ways with different difficulties. He made some first few jumps (the actual easy way) and then sent me the ".map". With time, I created many more jumps (which you can see in medium and hard way). Landouille worked in parallel and created jumps of various difficulty, but he made theme with a special theme : "saturn". He introduced me the idea of maps with the theme of the solar system's planets. So we renammed xway in jupiter and he adapted the theme of the map.

After two years of development, the final version is composed of 4 ways and a total of 84 jumps.
Easy Way : 24 jumps
Medium Way : 18 jumps
Hard Way : 24 jumps
Multiplayer Way : 18 jumps

Last version for 4.1: ut4_jupiter
First version for 4.2(.009): ut42_jupiter

ut42_jupiter : added 4.2 entities and fixed some bugs

Forum Topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1716

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