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Language: French

Level: 50/100 (Vote: 10)BST Jumps

With timer

Map maker: Moonie, updated by Noxtty

Jump by jump - Bstjumps (b1)

Release Date: 2013-10-23

Number of jumps: 46 (+ 4 secrets) (5 ways)

File: ut42_bstjumps_u2.pk3 (15 MB)

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About BST Jumps

I made this map for my old clan BST so they could hopefully get a bit more recognition among the various clans and cliques in our community. Also so the members would have a map to play and master, and get some skills for in game.

It started out as being a 5 tier system map, similar to mooniejumps, but with a different spec. The theme was very aztec/mayan/scifi, with lots of weird shaders, lots of lava, and jumps that ramped up to hard from a really easy level. Some of the first rookie jumps were styled after the old www0 urtj jumping site, whereby a player can run forward and jump and land, but then has to get a grasp of newer techniques with each jump. Explorer is meant to be an easy to average level that taught ice techniques and longer curve jumps. At present Jumper level is at more of a medium level, with a mix of hard jumps that require pretty good curve control and techniques including backjumps, reverse grab/jump, long curves, and stamina killer jumps.

For the future i intend to add more jumps at a jumper level or a bit beyond it in a new tier, maybe called Path of the Veteran. The final tier beyond that isn't even on the drawing boards at present, but will probably be full of quite hard jumps.

As someone will probably ask, the key to making big maps is to try and use shaders for pretty much everything. Avoid using entities as much as you can as their is a hard limit at around 1024, and really anything more than 512 isn't all that brilliant. BST Jumps has about 300 entities at present, mostly respawn pads, target locations and a couple of target_sounds. The other two main keys are to do with respawn. Try to make at least 4 respawn pads per jump, and when you make the trigger brush don't just make one, split it into 5-10 brushes, that way the chances of having people telefrag each other is lessened.

Note: ut42_bstjumps_u1 is the (first) version for 4.2, updated with timers by Noxtty
ut4_bstjumps_b4 was the (last) version for 4.1

Note nov 2013: If you feel the need to change something on the map, or want to improve it feel free to contact Moonie first so he can tell Noxtty to give you the needed files.

Forum Topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=184
http://www.urbanterror.info/forums/topi … jumps-wip/

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