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Language: French

Level: 70/100 (Vote: 9)Pro Jumps

Icy Platform
Frag element

Map maker: joob3r_noel, aka Joober

Pro Jumps b4

Release Date: 2009-08-01

Number of jumps: 19 (3 ways)

File: ut4_projumps_b4.pk3 (5.2 MB)

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About Pro Jumps

Well i made this map because i thought we needed more maps of this style in the urbanTerror community. The theme is slick platforms. Personality i think that slick platform maps are tons of fun and before this one the only one was dontgetwet. Its the same theme as dontgetwet but it has jumps from a different style of mapper so its still loads of fun. I could probably do all the jump almost first try but that's only because i have played it so much. It's actually a very hard map. It requires you to have perfect movement and perfect whips in order to beat these technical jumps.
If you can beat a map like this than you are a pretty well rounded jumper.

Staff note:
This map contains 3 routes, an easy, a medium and a hard route.
Most jumpers jump the medium route as it contains the most jumps.
Easy route is just a small intro to the medium route, while the hard route contains only two jumps to a secret button...

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