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UpsYlon Jump by jr.Fliro


Author: Flirodia

Category: Jump by jump

Date: 2015-04-12 19:00:30


Date: 2015-04-16 14:54:34

Noob ! You wrote "I'm not a noob !" but as KMO said : grab j3...

For real you should quit Fliro you suck so hard i can't even believe it !!!

Nice song anyway, gj noob ! up

Date: 2015-04-13 15:33:12

I'm sorry for the quality, i think it comes from my old computer ahaha smile i'll try to do it with my brother's computer next time.
Thx kmo, i know i'm noob :'((((( !

Date: 2015-04-13 14:48:15

noob.. no leets and grab on j3... NOOBISH sad

Date: 2015-04-13 00:37:17

quality? I thought it looked great. I guess they could have recorded it in 1080p though.

Date: 2015-04-12 19:15:27

Cool Video smile
Liked the music, but u could work on the quality o/

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