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Language: French

Level: 80/100 (Vote: 6)Extreme Jumps

Frag element

Map maker: Co0ki3


Release Date: 2011-04-22

Number of jumps: 23 (2 ways)

File: ut4_extreme_jumps_a2.pk3 (34.4 MB)

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About Extreme Jumps

I started mapping in May 2009. Origin of name is simple: I wanted to include my in-game name-tag of my CTF clan: "sEx|". My first idea was make mapname of letters from my clan-tag…
for example "Super Ever Xmass" so its-sEx. But "xmass" didn't really match to the name. So i was searching some words with "X" at beginning.
I asked mile if maybe he knows a good word.
He replied: Good word with "x" on beginning is "Extreme" (lol i still laughing at this:)

My primary idea was to create two huge brushes with skybox around them and make some jumps between them. I just wanted to make some jumps to get better jumping skills for everyone. because, what i noticed, there was small amount of hard jump maps. That was my goal to make this map

In June i finished 3 jumps, so they where ready to test:

j11- "Life & Death In Universe"; j12- "Rejuar Jump"; j13- "Energything".

Moreover, difficulty of those jumps was not what i expected. Surprisingly pro jumpers had more problems than I had,
so i left the difficulty of those jumps to further studies smile I especialy needed to give special attention to "Rejuar Jump". Which is somehow tricky because of making 2 walljumps on 1 wall.

During holidays I wasn't able to work on my map, but i found a lot useful textures. Began mapping in August again, this time with models

I was interested in the shooting targets of Projumps. It took my a lot of time to figure out how to do j8- "Extreme Targets".
Didn't made it too hard because shooting and jumping at same time is new for all jumpers smile.

Meanwhile i was training DontGetWet...jumps Pink Gap n Stuff and Purple Jump
inspired me to make two new jumps but 3x harder:
j6- "Perfectly Flawed Jump"
j9- "Prepare For a Wounds".
From now on, jumps in dontgetwet are 3x easier than they used to be.

I also got some inspiration from TheLabs, jump 24. I Made a jump which ended in a tunnel. Where one wall is slick and one opposite wall isn't.
So here we have: j3- "Jump Before u Sleep". Unfortunately this jump is complicated and hard, so I'll move it to another place in next version.

Mile helped me with two jumps:
j10- "Pro Icy Lava Jump" theme from "4th Room Glass Platform to Glass Platform tower" from wootjumps.
j7- "mile walljumps"
I love to skip j10 with my pro secret, because that jump makes me little sick smile

Before I released map I made 4 more jumps:
j1- "Start"
j2- "Extremly Hard Jump"
j4- "I Need Some Tactic"
j5- "The Blackout"
Difficulty of those jumps is about average. Except for jump 2, because you need to press a button while jumping to open a door.

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