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Language: French

Level: 90/100 (Vote: 3)Caerdunh

With timer

Map maker: BlindBlake

Caerdunh_B2 by Stupz

Release Date: 2016-11-24

Number of jumps: 54 (5 ways)

File: ut42_caerdunh_b2.pk3 (16.1 MB)

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About Caerdunh

Be welcome, traveller, to Caerdunh, the castle of enlightment !

You shall find inside those walls the training you need to become a well-respected member of the King's court. Whether you wish to be a simple squire, helping your knight on the battlefield, or a knight, giving your life to a lord, or even a lord, who only kneels before the King.

Beware to respect the holy members of the Church, avoid panhandling and begging and respect the almighty King. If you are caught trespassing or scheming some foolish plots against the Kingdom of Dunh, you shall be punished by the castle's torturer and executioner !
Ensure to read and follow the rules edicted by the King while you are inside the castle...

The "Blind" Blake, sworn scribe and architect commissioned by the King

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