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Language: French

Level: 85/100 (Vote: 4)Limbo

With timer

Map maker: kib

Release Date: 2018-06-05

Number of jumps: 70 (5 ways)

File: ut4_limbo_b3b.pk3 (20.3 MB)

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About Limbo

Info b3b:

Fixed lighting bug , missing textures and last mp jump.

Info b3:

Total of 18 added jumps in this version. New teamjump path with 10 jumps, 2 new leet jumps, 3 icy and 3 secret jumps. B3 also has ton of fixes and then some new lighting bugs I wasn't very keen to fix.

Green/easy way - 16 jumps with timer
yellow/med - 10 jumps with timer
red/hard - 10 jumps with timer
icy plat path - 9 jumps with timer
teamjump path - 10 jumps
leet area - 7 jumps
secret - 8 jumps
Adds up to total of 70

Huge thanks to th3k1ll3r who is the reason b3 exists

Info b2
This update adds 22 new jumps to the map with plenty of fixes and tweaks. It has 4 main paths now, leet area and some secret jumps.

Green/easy way has now 16 jumps in total and its much easier, yellow/med 10 jumps, red/hard 10 jumps and leet area has 5 jumps. New icy plat path has 6 jumps. And then there is some secret jumps. That adds up to 52 jumps in total. All main paths has timers now.

Info b1:
I present you my second map called limbo.

It has 3 main paths and leet area.
Green/easy(lvl40+?) way has 7 jumps,
yellow/med(lvl60-75?) 9 jumps,
red/hard(lvl75-85?) 8 jumps and leet area has 5 jumps.
And then 1 secret jump.
That adds up to 30 jumps in total.

Only green way has timer.

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