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Language: French

Level: 95/100 (Vote: 4)Unimpossible

Map maker: PsyDuck

Release Date: 2016-08-15

Number of jumps: 12

File: ut42_unimpossible_a2.pk3 (44 MB)

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About Unimpossible

Hello every1!

I have decided that it is time to release my first alpha of unimpossible now. But should be noted that it's FAR from finished!

- 13 hard jumps
- Crappy looking water!
- Jumps are connected by teleports(plans to use corridors)
- No secrets!
- Possible access to a portal room from spawn
- Crappy looking levelshot!!!
- Random location names!
- And probably several bugs!

Jump order may be weird sometimes because i took a break from mapping/jumping until recently and my skill is't back yet so can't do all jumps anymore

How many years have it been since a1? idk but today u'll get a buggy a2 version

So whats updated?
- Everything!

This is a test version that maybe i should have held onto for a bit more and fixed some more bugs on

IMPORTANT! 1: Remove any other map you got related to unimposisble, test version or a1; because they will cause shader problems
2: Add imperfectjumps to your mapfolder (or another map by Psyduck); that will give you textures

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