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Language: French

Level: 30/100 (Vote: 5)Sky Jumps

Map maker: daedalus

Jump by jump - Skyjumps

Release Date: 2009-03-23

Number of jumps: 18

File: ut4_skyjumps_beta2.pk3 (6.6 MB)

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About Sky Jumps

From the outset, I wanted to make an open, social jump map where beginners could go from googling "circle jumps" to being semi-proficient jumpers. Having "grown up" in Keres' uberjumps, I really like maps where you can see the jumps around you, making it easy to get help or give advice to a straggler.
I was also really impressed when I first 'jumped the shark', with apath0's attention to detail making it as much a delight to look around as it is to jump. I have tried to take on board these two themes while making SkyJumps, and hope they have not got too lost in the whirlwind that ensued between the map's conception and its publication.

I think overall the map has turned out a little harder than originally planned, but all told, including the practice jumps at the start, it should cater for a reasonable range of jumpers.



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