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Language: French

Level: 85/100 (Vote: 4)Hugo Jumps

With timer

Map maker: Hugo

Hugojumps by Stupz

Release Date: 2017-08-09

Number of jumps: 12

File: ut43_hugojumps.pk3 (4.1 MB)

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About Hugo Jumps

Info b4:
The map lost 4 jumps ( J9 10 11 12 ) and has seen new jumps added : J1 J10 J11 J12.
The map is now easier near the end, every jumps is the same before J9, then it's new jumps of the same level as the previous one or close ( might be slightly difficult, but now the one who were able to get to J9 should be capable of finishing the map without too much effort )
Map's got a new look too, no big change,  just an improvement.

Older Info:
Here I present to you the newest beta of Hugojumps, this beta was made with the collaboration of The Vampire aka demon666,
map maker of already 2 released maps, half the credits must go to him as without him this new beta would've not seen
the day before weeks and who knows, maybe months.

Patch notes :
Timers has been added
Visual has been sligthly improved, still not perfect, but I never wanted to focus on visual
Some overjumps has been fixed
Changed the order of the jumps as the old J1 was way too hard
Removed J4 & J7 and added a new jump
There are now 1 leet ( end of J3 ) and 2 secrets area

I hope you enjoy this version better than the last one !

I probably won't work on it anytime soon as I'm now working on other projects.

Forum topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2805

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