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Language: French

Level: 30/100 (Vote: 5)Don't Fall

Map maker: Keres

Jump by jump - Dontfall

Release Date: 2007-08-31

Number of jumps: 56

File: ut4_dontfall.pk3 (746.8 KB)

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About Don't Fall

I made this map because of boredom. Really though, at the time I made Don't Fall, the jump server unfoog.de was up. I used to hop on there with some old schoolers and I finally decided to make a map. This was my first jumpmap. I just made some random jumps, each one is color-coded. In the end, Delirium suggested that I just copy/paste the level on top of itself for added difficulty. I did so. About difficulty: If you can get easy jumps right the first time, it'll be easy as pie. Otherwise you'll probably find yourself going at it for hours getting stuck on various jumps (I think only one of them is "hard") One last thing: I can't believe people are still playing this map, I'm so honored to have people actually enjoy my work.

Thanks guys!

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