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Language: French


Map maker: Drezil

Release Date: 2012-01-19

File: ut4_ikarus_dev_repacked.pk3 (74.6 MB)

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About Ikarus

Original ut4_ikarus_dev is by Drezil. That map (79.182MB, 2011-03-31) you can find at Old.

Updated map is by Drezil, containing extra jumps of unfinished map by apath0 (ut4_asfixia). That version (101.661MB, 2012-01-19) you can find at Unsorted.

This updated version is repacked by Xandaxs for Urtjumpers, to downsize it with a quart to 76.413MB.
He did:
- Removed almost all _n textures because they were terrible and would make the map unplayable.
- Added an .arena file so you can call a vote for this map

Forum topic:
http://www.custommapmakers.org/viewtopi … &t=371

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