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Language: French

Level: 55/100 (Vote: 4)Icy Cube


Map maker: KroniK

Release Date: 2012-04-25

Number of jumps: 11 (2 ways)

File: ut4_icycube_b1_2.pk3 (25.4 MB)

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About Icy Cube

Icy Cube is my first solo icy jump map. I decided that this map i wanted to give a completely different feel from any other icy map created to date. I wanted to have all new textures, all new sounds and all new jump ideas. I really want icy cube to set a new standard for just how good an icy jump map can be. I hope that this map will be Rambetter quality or better.

Another goal of Icy Cube is to really try to merge a lot of non icy into the map. People who play icy jumps often do not know a lot about non icy or know any non icy techniques so I would like to try and merge the two but keep the map an icy map.

Nevermind has helped give me lots of jump ideas as he is a living warehouse of icy jump designs which are new and innovative so thanks for a lot of the jump ideas.

Hope you enjoy the map!


-added some more leets and leet sounds
-added some needed teleporters
-made noobs cant walljump a bit easier
-fixed lemming at bouncy house
-fixed some teleporter locations

-added leet portals and sounds
-fixed some vis issues
-attempted fix at lemms
-made awesome minimap
-fixed rainbow texture
-made nightmare no booster
-added flag room and flag cap areas

-initial release

Forum Topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=966

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