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Language: French

Level: 75/100 (Vote: 3)Kid Jumps

Map maker: BillyTheKid

Release Date: 2011-09-26

Number of jumps: 12

File: ut4_kidjumps_b2.pk3 (3.4 MB)

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About Kid Jumps

Itís my first map and I choose the name to contain something from my nick in urt, it doesnít mean that the map is easy  I could say that the difficulty of the map is a bit harder than medium (6/10 imo, so better jumpers can overjump a lot).
The map doesnít have a theme, but I tried to design as many new jumps as I could (as possible it could be ). The style of the jumps are based on controlling your speed and stamina (so some overjumps exist in purpose). I tried to let alternative ways for the majority of the jumps for more freedom.
I made the map because I wanted to give something back to the jumping community for all their help and especially to jmarc and kaviar. I hope that you íll enjoy the map

Forum Topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=979
http://www.urbanterror.info/forums/topi … djumps-b2/

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