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Language: French

Level: 35/100 (Vote: 3)A4 Noob Jumps

Map maker: cinefilo

Release Date: 2010-12-29

Number of jumps: 18

File: ut4_a4n00bjumps_b1.pk3 (471.1 KB)

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About A4 Noob Jumps

First jumpmap by cinefilo. Without -light compile flag not the most eyepleasing map, but contains some nice normal and icy jumps for beginners. Not the kind of the map everyone talks about, as it doesn't support multiple jumpers at a jump, has missing textures, lacks the nodamage shader on a lot of places and the eye-pleasing factor, which causes it to not appear in serverlist. Yet quite fun to play for once in offline mode!

Forum Topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=647

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