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Language: French

Level: 65/100 (Vote: 2)Simonced Icy


Map maker: Simonced

Release Date: 2010-05-18

Number of jumps: 16

File: simonced_icy21.pk3 (8.9 MB)

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About Simonced Icy

So I decided to give a try to make a map for my favorite game. I like 3D and practice as a hobby, so I wanted to do something I could share with the community. An Icy-Map was a good idea I think, since there are few of them.

The name is simple my nickname, because at the really first, it was a test, and then, the community was very enthusiastic about it, so I released it but I never changed the name. Version 21 is the release version.

The jumps order is not perfect, some harder jumps are situated before easier ones, but changing everything is a mess so I let it as it. This map is not for beginners.
The last jump can be achieved only by big pros.

When I first released the map, I asked the icy community their point of view about my map.
Then, after giving ideas, I let them give me some jump "drafts" so I can include their jump with their name in the map. 50% of the jumps are other players ideas.
In the "lemmings' Word" jump, a WIP area contains new design of icy jumps that involve shooting and portals,
But the commuity didn't really like that idea. I wanted to make new jumps to make it more cooperative, but started to be busy with my work, so I didn't coninue the map.

Overall it took about 1 year (a bit less I guess). And that 21st release was done about june 2010.
Of course I used the Rambetter generators for the ramps. All the textures are credit of Rambetter and his team who created the first jumps.
The original map discussion is here : IcyForum

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