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Language: French

Level: 40/100 (Vote: 2)Hitech Jumps

Map maker: ValkoVer

Release Date: 2010-10-16

Number of jumps: 16

File: ut4_hitechjumps_a2.pk3 (6.3 MB)

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About Hitech Jumps

I've made this map after I made a few fragmaps, because i was "bored" of them. If evillairs texture pack didn't excist I probably wouldn't have made this map. Beside that, I was also curious why there aren't any celshaded jumpmaps, its very great technique. And since I thought custom jumpmaps are more popular than custom fragmaps, I thought my map would turn up on some servers as well (and it did!)

The mapname came mostly from the texture pack I used.
as I consider myself as medium skilled jumper and I tested all jumps with trial and error, I'de say my map is mostly for medium skilled jumpers.

Final word: I hope some jumpmappers will stop making blocky ugly maps

Forum Topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=491
http://www.urbanterror.info/forums/topi … mps-alpha/

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