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Language: French

Level: 50/100 (Vote: 5)Merry Go Round

Map maker: Kl4nk

Release Date: 2010-06-11

Number of jumps: 30

File: ut4_merrygoround_b1.pk3 (5.7 MB)

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About Merry Go Round

This map was released around the time when I was helping Noxtty* learning to map. I had to compile his first square room because it kept crashing his gtk. Then I just build j28/29 around that square room for fun. A couple days later i kept adding jumps . That's where I decided to build and release a map within 3 weeks as a challenge of some sort.

Funny to know: The map was build backwards, from last jumps to beginning.
Difficulty is about medium i guess
Build time is, as I said, 3 weeks where I payed no attention to details, everyone likes grey..lol. I also recycled some older jumps.
Some inspiration came from the desire to have a map with a nice flow.... oh, and Driller's mad combo videos as well smile

Forum Topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=277

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