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Language: French

Level: 70/100 (Vote: 3)PwnZ Icy Jumps


Map maker: DuTchEr95, Projumper

Release Date: 2010-01-01

Number of jumps: 5

File: ut4_PwnZ_icyjumps_B1.pk3 (13.1 MB)

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About PwnZ Icy Jumps

The pwnz icyjumps is just because projumper and me (dutcher95) wanted to make an icy-map and wanted to see how hard it is to make one. This is, because rambetter makes them too, but more advanced then we did. This icymap is difficult for someone who can't do any icyjumps, but it won't be to hard for those who have experience with itů Except for some jumps


UJ Staff note: Please dont put this map online on server. When you have this map in your maps-folder, it might break textures of rambettters icemaps.

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