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Language: French

Level: 35/100 (Vote: 4)Y Jumps

Map maker: N00b|Yennifer

Jump by jump - Yjumps (a1)

Release Date: 2010-02-28

Number of jumps: 17

File: ut4_yjumps_a1.pk3 (5.6 MB)

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About Y Jumps

I made maps under q3/tremulous for approximately 6 years. So decided make one for UrT too. Making jumping maps is a new experience for me.

Since this is my first map it doesn't really have a theme. The first idea was to put zones in the map with about 15-20 jumps each. No hard jumps, more tricky and funny puzzles. Maybe each zone is going to have it's own design and theme, don't know yet. Since i'm a beginner at jumping I can't say much about the difficulty, but as Badfurday puts it: 'Average but tricky' i've to agree at the moment. But future releases might be different. They can include harder jumps. I don't want to make a very hard map, but more a map for fun.

I want say thanx to all who help with testing and to whole clan N00b.

Forum Topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=152

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