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Language: French

Level: 70/100 (Vote: 9)Douze Training

Map maker: Douze

Douzetraining by X-RaY

Douze Training by Markinho

Release Date: 2010-04-30

Number of jumps: 12

File: ut4_douzetraining_a2.pk3 (4.2 MB)

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About Douze Training

I made several small jump maps in the past, in order to help AO2's members to learn jumping. At last, I really want to make a 'real' jump map. Here the result. The theme is the number 12. This explains the last jump (jump 12 - Douze : Part 1 & 2), which represents the shape of the number 12. In addition, there are 12 jumps. I wanted to make it average and not to hard, but more hard then easy. As I'm not very strong choosing and creating textures, it's an 'unique skin' map. The light effect is better than expected.

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