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Language: French

Level: 65/100 (Vote: 6)Icy Jumps


Map maker: Rambetter

Icy Jumps 5

Release Date: 2011-03-26

Number of jumps: 22 (2 ways)

File: ut4_icyjumps5d.pk3 (34.7 MB)

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About Icy Jumps

This is Rambetter's very first map. Making it, the first icy-map ever created.
Looking at the date of first release, it's already quite and old and yet an extremely well played map. Due to it's recent updates in basically without any bugs.
Rambetter used an icy-generator for the nice curves and loops, which are practically impossible to make in radiant.

Although the map requires a certain amount of circling skills, it is judged as one of the easier icy maps.
So for the many beginners out there who want to learn icy, this might just be the map to start with.

Forum Topic: http://www.urbanterror.info/forums/topi … jumps-v-a/
http://www.urbanterror.info/forums/topi … jumps-v-b/

UJ Staff note Version ut4_icyjumps5a_010 not available on this website, it is wrongly packed/rarred. There are enough other beta's.

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