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Language: French

Level: 60/100 (Vote: 7)Flinn Jumps

Map maker: joob3r_noel, aka Joober

Flinnjumps by X-RaY

Release Date: 2009-03-15

Number of jumps: 8

File: ut4_flinnjumps.pk3 (1.9 MB)

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About Flinn Jumps

Hmm, well after i got invited to v7 jump clan i made this map. Named it after "Flinn" cause he invited me. i made this map in about 2 days and that includes all the testing. now the map is kinda a ut4_jumpthis kind of map. very basic jump but i made it also kinda hard. the trick to beating this map is to have very good circle jumping. if you can't circle jump than don't play this map.

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