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Language: French

Level: 80/100 (Vote: 5)Sk8 Jumps

Map maker: Sk8OrDie

Sk8jumps d05

Release Date: 2009-03-07

Number of jumps: 38

File: ut4_sk8jumps_D05.pk3 (27.8 MB)

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About Sk8 Jumps

I wanted to make a map when I saw that Nitro made roxeajump. I learned mapping thanks to the tutorial on radiant at urbanerror.fr, made yu Papy Runny. At some point, there where no new maps, which lacked the jumpers community a lot and especially myself.

Regarding the theme, speaking of textures or the environment, there is no theme, except the need to change the monotony of the colors that reigned on almost all maps at that time. Except for dontgetwet, which was like no other map (and still is). One of the best maps ever, in my opinion. Thanks to Budokai, who gave 2 jumps in DGW icy style (at the beginning of the map) In my opinion, all the maps have too few different textures. I made Sk8jumps so it had a lot of textures, water, different colors, and the use of many lights to colorize it. So no theme, but a wink (with pictures) for old games which i played with my friends when I was a teenager;).

I would say that the maps difficulty is about medium, except the last 3 jumps. Which are rather hard, because they are icy and pretty long in length, but jumpers who love dgw shouldn't have a lot of trouble passing them. For ppl who leave the map when they are at moving part, jumps 11,12 and 13: 1 piece of advice, these jumps are not hard, u just have to start at the right time.

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