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Language: French

Level: 10/100 (Vote: 4)Bomb Walls

Release Date: 2007-07-25

Number of jumps: 9

File: ut4_bombwalls_b1.pk3 (3 MB)

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About Bomb Walls

This map is basically a copy of the most famous map 'Walljumps'. Mapmaker is yet to reveal itself, as no-one knows where this map comes from or when it actually got into circulation. In this map, the map is build and mirrored, a spawnplace for the red team and a spawnplace for the blue team, with as goal to plant (or defuse) the bomb in the middle of the map. As a lot of jumpservers nowadays have killing disabled and respawngods set to practically infinite the map somewhat misses it's goal when being played. Most of the time not more then 2 minutes online in any given server.

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