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Language: French

Level: 40/100 (Vote: 3)Mad Jumps

Map maker: Moonie

Jump by jump - Madjumps (a10) 1/2

Release Date: 2009-10-15

Number of jumps: 23

File: ut4_madjumps_a10.pk3 (8.3 MB)

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About Mad Jumps

This was at the time a new concept i wanted to try out.  I wanted to see if i could split the map into multiple routes offering different challenges to the jumper, but i wasnt sure how it would turn out.  So i made a map with 3 possible routes.

Theme wise, lava and long jumps, and bits of ice because at the time i was trying to push my ice jumping skills a little.  Difficulty is medium overall.

I now consider this map dead, as it wasn't really working for me, but a lot of others have asked me to add to it. 
It was a test map for a new concept, originally i intended to make it more dynamic, with multiple routes at multiple points, so there was no one single way to complete, but i would have ended up having a jump map with 80+ jumps, which would have been a bitch to make, and consumed stupid amounts of time.

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