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Language: French

Level: 80/100 (Vote: 10)Creazy Jump L33t

Map maker: Sk8OrDie

Creazyjumpl33t by Masterbait

Release Date: 2011-07-19

Number of jumps: 20

File: ut4_creazyjumpl33t_a4.pk3 (19.5 MB)

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About Creazy Jump L33t

In fact, I found the map of creazyjumps warrior too simple. So i told him: "Warrior, your map is too easy! I'll make the l33t version". Then, with his permission of course, some days later I said to myself: "I will just quickly copy-paste his jumps and retouch the hard version". But, as I was able to modify them in radiant, I realized creating a new map took just as much time as adapting creazyjumps. Also because new jumps came in my mind very quickly. In the end, creazyjumpsl33t doesn't really look like creazyjumps.

Regarding texture: I didn't wasted any time for that. That's why it is ugly to my taste indeed. But if I have the courage, I would change and illuminate the entire map as well. She deserves it, because I spend a coronation time to build it, test it and reconfigure the jumps at maximum of my possibilities. Then tested them again and reconfigure them again. It took long and was tedious.

One more thing I wanna say: Since some months, i see jumpers the  community and map makers is growing again. It's great! I've always wanted new maps and new jump-styles. In the meanwhile, most things have already been done. But I'm sure, as long as we have mapmakers and a jumping community, new jump-styles will be created. So i wish long life to map makers. Don't stop working on new maps guys!!
Hf ^^ :-D And a special greetings BIG UP to urtjumpers.com and N00b| clan.

Forum Topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=952
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