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Language: French

Level: 45/100 (Vote: 4)Rabbit

Map maker: Moonie

Jump by jump - Rabbit (1n)

Release Date: 2009-12-09

Number of jumps: 23 (+ 5 Chillout Areas + 8 Nebula) (2 ways)

File: ut4_rabbit_1z.pk3 (12 MB)

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About Rabbit

My entire aim for this project was to make something like uberjumps.  A fairly easy map ideal for new jumpers, but with some skill required.  Originally to be set in a single skybox.  But i digressed a little and decided to make nebula with some more complicated jumps.  The difficulty is pretty near to what i intended, i think, with the exception of the chill area which i always intended to be set at a harder level than everything else.

Another map with lots of secrets, lots of jumps, very open, but for me anyway it has decent fps overall.  Hours spent mapping for this map, maybe 400 or so hours.  It has become another cult Moonie map, probably due to the easy skill level required to jump on it, and the fact it runs to nearly 40 jumps.  I usually play this map to chill out.  For me it is almost in the same vain as sliceyjumps. 
Its not a serious map, its just for fun.

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