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Language: French

Level: 30/100 (Vote: 7)Dorm Room

Map maker: Dormedas

Jump by jump - Dormroom (beta2)

Release Date: 2007-07-19

Number of jumps: 10

File: ut4_dormroom_beta2.pk3 (585.5 KB)

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About Dorm Room

Before I made the map, I spent a large amount of time on jump maps, trying and trying to pull off some special combinations of actions to accomplish a difficult task. I used to do equivalent jump map ideas in games prior to Urban Terror, and therefore found the system fun. I then decided to test my mapping knowledge, attempt a new engine's way of mapping, and try my hand at a map. The result, of course, was DormRoom.

Since it was my first "real" jump map, I was attempting a lot of different jumps to see how each is made. I was also getting my hands dirty with dimensions of ladders and so forth, so it was initially a challenge to even make a functional jump map. For these reasons, style or theme was a bit sacrificed in terms of the map. I did attempt to get some uniform characteristic to each room in its lighting, but that also serves an element to aid the jumpers' memory of that specific room.

About the difficulty. As I have stated, this was my first real jump map, so I was trying to make some unique jumps so as to make my map memorable as well as uniquely difficult. I think that's the goal of every jump map. For it being my first (and apparently last) jump map, I was intent on making the map functional, and it was therefore a challenge for me to make the map a challenge for others as well as experienced jumpers. The unintended side-effect as I have found out, is that the open boxes for each room effectively made the later rooms easier to do free-styling in.

I made the map with the intent for people to be challenged at least somewhat but also enjoyable. It seems as though at least one of those goals was met, which makes me happy. Looking back years after the map's creation, it has shown to be that if you ask many jumpers about DormRoom, they will answer that they have played it, which makes it worth it. In fact, I re-checked the server list for ~10 minutes a couple months ago and saw my map still on a jump server's rotation.

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