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Important: Rules and recommendations URTJumpers.com - 2013

Rules and recommendations URTJumpers.com - 2013

This topic contains some recommendations and rules which apply to all members registered on this forum.
Know that these rules have been setup not for your limitations but for your certainty of what is allowed and what is not allowed.

The UrtJumpers Staff strongly recommends you to follow these rules at all times.

1. Urban Terror 4.2 bugs are allowed to be posted here provided that the bug is related to the jumping gametype. Be informative and objective and keep rule nr. 2 in mind when posting any bugs or requests.
Note however, we do not develop the game and thus it is not within our power to fix or implement any bug-fixes or request.

2. Do not criticize the Frozen Sand Team on this forum. It is pointless as none of us can do anything about it and it will inevitable produce a bad atmosphere here. We are aware of their flaws regarding communication to the great community of Urban Terror gamers, but this is not the place to discuss these flaws.

3. Problems with specific members on this forum or ingame should not be resolved in a public topic, but rather in a private PM to the specific member. Try to sort out your problems privately first. If all else fails, PM one of the staffmembers. Be informative and objective, put the facts straight. The contacted staff member might, or might not help you depending on your explanation of the problem.
Note however, do not make your problems his or her problems. This will only work counterproductive and might get yourself in a nasty situation.

4. Unacceptable behavior occurring on servers which are not hosted by urtjumpers are not to be publicly posted on this forum. Try to contact the administrator or hoster of the server where you encountered the problems either on urbanterror.info or here. Keep in mind that the final call will always be from the one who is paying the bill. Jumping on someones server is a privilege, not a right! And remember that this is the internet. Take every act with a grain of salt, it will help you get by.

5. Excessive trolling or flaming will result in measures being taken against your account.

6. Inter-clan fights are not for UrtJumpers.  Keep them off the board please.

7. Admin and Mod decisions are final. If they are not to your liking then you are welcome to leave.

8.  Private messaging is a privilege you earn by being an active part of the community.  Upgrades occur occasionally in the background, but can also be requested.  Minimum post count of 100 (non spam) posts.

This staff is in no way connected to the Frozen Sand Team.
The staff does neither idolate nor diminish the Frozen Sand Team nor their forum, they have theirs, we have ours.

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