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#1 2012-03-09 20:08:31

From: Rotterdam
Registered: 2009-02-13

Inception: Reviews

Reviews by jury, organisation and others


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#2 2012-03-09 20:20:01

From: Rotterdam
Registered: 2009-02-13

Re: Inception: Reviews

Hi, im organisation and im no mapper, but i do jury a little bit, so i kick off with 4 or 5 reviews.

- Im busy with it, im halfway, i will finish it today or tomorrow wink


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#3 2012-03-10 07:38:03

From: Netherlands
Registered: 2009-03-29

Re: Inception: Reviews

Just like Driller;
I'm no mapper, but just a jumper! smile

Note that all reviews are written completely independent.
Every jury-member first wrote his own review before looking at the ones already posted.

Screenshots: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?pfxsvmoe88rvgk7

My Judgement smile
1. RespawnKill Proof:
- J3, J4 and J5 (All parts): Chance on spawnkill: 100%. since you only made 1 respawnlocation and you don't even move after spawning
- J6: Hard to see, but i guess the same as J3,J4 and J5
- The end: Same as J3

2. RespawnLocation:
Now... this is where you failed bigtime
- J3: Just one spawn... directly against a table
Part 2: Just one spawn... directly against the wall
Part 3: Just one spawn... and without moving the jumpers just stop before the edge of the van after spawning...
first need to take a step backwards to get some momentum.. in the meantime jumpers can get spawnkilled
- J4:  Just one spawn... directly against the wall
- J5: Same as J3
- J6: Hard to see, but the icy starts to early after spawning
- The end: jumpers need 2 prejumps to get through the window and you'r only giving them half a prejump
giving prejumping jumpers a spawning blocker and they need to walk back everytime after spawning

3. Respawnbrush:
- No problem here wink

4. LocationNames:
- None! neutral
The bigtext text is nice... but it's no replacement for a locationname!

5. Textures:
- Competition style Awesomeness big_smile
But when looking at the sand below the water, it's way to bright...
Same for the J6, Ice is bright... but this is to bright in my opinion.

6. Lemmings:
- Found 1, see 'random' for more

7. Mapname:
- Fine by me smile

8. Mapsize:
- Competition style I Don't Care big_smile

9. Vis Compile:
- Fine. i guess smile

10. Ladders:
- None!

11. Mazes:
- None!

12. Invisible paths:
- None!

13. Randomness
- Start: The path to J1 is nice, but halfway I've got to jump once to get over 1 stone... no bigdeal smile
Big deal: When climbing the stones, there's a giant gab to the lowerpart of the map (here you can lemming), beneath the rocks
see youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm-o4CZhCvk
- J2: The staircase has a lot of caulked points, which you can see right through...
Also, it's to easy to trigger the bigtext locationname
- J3: It looks like you can go straight on when you'r at second part, but instead you need to take a turn left...
- J4: When not going into the cafe, but to the right via 3 wj's, you can get behind the cafe and see a bunch of caulked stuff... quite a bug
- J5: The cars are nice, but plain annoying to jump on, also.... everywhere you go you get respawned.... give jumpers some freedom smile
Also, the rain, besides the fact that it's nice rain, is also weird... cause it's divided in squares tongue, you know what I mean smile

- Respawnbrush
- Lemmings
- Textures
- Mapname
- Mapsize
- Ladders
- Mazes
- Invisible paths
- Vis Compile

- Randomness (the points noted)

- Respawnlocations
- RespawnKills
- LocationNames

Further info (not repeating points discussed in the first half of this report):
Map resembling the movie:
In my opinion pretty much
There are some nice assets in the map which I just love because of the movie
- J1/J2: The room with water everywhere smile
- J5: the train is awesome!

HD technics:
Sorry, using a Urban Terror without bumpy or HD on a Mac

Enjoyability / Eye candy:
A bit  / Some!
Start + First 2 jumps are awesome!

Use of sounds:
- Rain @ J5 => Nice..
- Bump @ Hitting Tree @ Jump 6 => A good reason to not hit the trees wink
but that's all the sound there is neutral

'Negative feedback'
J3/J4 are kinda boring
J5 is kinda buggy due to the cars
Fix the randomness wink

On holiday from 26/07/2014 till 16/08/2014
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#4 2012-03-10 09:22:39

Map maker
Registered: 2010-09-28

Re: Inception: Reviews

This a nice map, you really tried to get into the movie and the visual/design work is undeniable. Though, the biggest downside of the map are the jumps. The spawnroom, mind heist and avalanche are nice and fun, but the rest is too constricted and segmented. While not necessarily the main point of the contest; the map needs some work to be functional on multi-players (respawn etc). Sadly, the choice of the movie inception might have played at your disavantage here. While you took care of integrating your jump into scenes of the movie, those scenes are not that memorable, at least not as much as the bended city. But to be fair, doing the bended city would have been an amazing challenge, probably so hard that it would have been that i would have consider it a game winner.

- the beach is a good idea, when you get on the sides you have some buggy display though.
- the lighting of the rock is weird: the sand should in theory reflect light a lot and the rock would not have so strong shadows on facets facing the ground, may be you should put some point light to compensate that.
- you should also make the rock arch a little bit larger, depending on how you get in, you sometimes get stuck and have to jump frenetically to get out.
- the jump to get to the window is ok, but may be not the best kind of jumps for a map start s, should you extend your map, you may consider something that is less likely to be a bottleneck.

Area 1: mind heist
- I like that first area, though may be a little more contrast in the lightning would make the border of the water decals a little less visible.
- the entry corridor is a bit empty, may be some "asian panel" doors, that would trigger your message for jump 1
- shark attack sometimes respawn at map end
- the top part jump are ok, you can combo them not too hard, but respawning sideway is always disorienting, may be having it make one long jump would make it more interresting and would not have the respawn problem
- the breakable step in the top to lower jump is a good idea and it is nice it does not get you back.
- idk if it is on purpose but climbing the lanterns to go back to the top part is a good idea.
- the lower part jump is pretty cool, there seems to be a 3-4 ways at least to do it, only the slide part is a bit tricky but it is ok.

Area 2: mombaza.
- though visually pleasing (eg plants, window blinders), the entire area feels a bit disproportionnate and empty, especially on the ground and also because there are no windows or doors expect at the beginning of that area.
- the respawn inside the bar is a bit annoying getting thrown into the tables and chairs, plus it is hard with the windows to get quickly out of the bar, so when you fail the full jumps it quickly feels like you are entrapped in that bar.
- the shadows direction is also inconsistent with the sun placement in the skybox texture.
- that area is well recognisable from the movie, but the jumps i don't like so much, it is a bit too segmented and confined, it is a succession of short jumps with very small intermediary platforms and disorienting respawns. I liked the jump before the last in that area, but it would be nicer if you had to do it without being able to stop on the tables and glue it with the last, so it would be through the window inside table may be wj table again, though the window out and the next jump.

Area 3 train:
- there is a lot of visual elements in that area, but it does not stick so much with the film, if i remember correctly this train part is in a skycrapper type of city?
- I don t like the jump though, it is again for the same reason as in the previous area, it is too segmented, i tried to combo here but could not do it. In addition the shape of the car make it very frustrating to jump that part.

Area 4 Avalanche
- This is not the most exploited part of the map visually but it looks good and the jump is actually very fun with the big airtime and the tree bounces. So it very enjoyable even if it is a bit random and lemming prone.
- The second part of the part of the jump should also have a visual clue of what you are suppossed to 'clear' since there you just fail by being just too short but may be a ravin or something else.


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#5 2012-03-22 17:47:22

Map maker
From: Lisbon, Portugal
Registered: 2009-08-31

Re: Inception: Reviews

First of all I'd like to apologize to the mappers, jury and community members for not making this feedback sooner and not being always there throughout the competition. My sincere apologies

** Here's my feedback on the map **

NOTE: I won't be giving feedback on the relation map theme - movie, I will simply give feedback on the map itself as an individual. It'll spare me some time and as some maps won't be continued it'd be time wasted. If you wish to continue your map (keeping the theme), lemme know so I'll give feedback on that subject.

Side Notes:
Nice looking levelshot! Too bad it shows how all ivys look the same.
Unusual teleporter choice!
The map was mainly made for only 1 single player to play in /devmap, the chances of being spawn killed are high..!

Spawn Room:
Bugged spawn might take you to the End Room.
It doesn't look bad but some rocks are buggy and could use better brushwork.! There's a place from where you can fall on the skybox, and a place from where you can see water from some other jump....
The water is too bright (white) for those that use the bumpy build.

Jump 1:
Not a bad jump, easy but good looking...
Nice rails you got there Rylius!
I love the environment you created on this and 2nd jump!

Jump 2:
The begining of the jump is weird.. I mean, the platform.. What's holding it?
Great looking! Love the brushwork!
Some wooden blocks are inside eachother at the crouching part but appart from that the jump is amazing!
Not too hard, not super easy.. The water effects are nice! I like the lamps and the showcases too! Just great!

Jump 3:
Nice looking start!
The jump itself is kinda random and gets dull as we move on..
You should not have a spawn in between the jump.. kinda makes it easy and kills the fun!
Some shadows are weird and need to be reworked!
The street texture is too small.. You see it repeat a lot, you should find a better one and add some other stuff like sidewalks for a better looking environment!!

Jump 4:
The cafe part is really simple! Could use some decorative stuff like a bar, dart center, etc...
The outside part of this jump is good looking but the roof on top doesn't match! (corners)
The jump is pretty easy.

Jump 5:
High chance of being spawnkilled!
The jump and denvironment look good but the jump is annoying cuz you're jumping in cars and not plats.. It's not always straight! Being able to walljump o nthe train makes it really easy though! The end of the jump is annoying if you jump car by car like a normal jump and it's not easy to stop..
This so amazing rain has a problem! If you look up you can see squares without it.!

Jump 6:
Pretty nice! Icy jump and a good jump! Not very well calibrated but it's nice!
The snow has some bugs and some shadows that shouldn't exist!
Once again the water is too bright for the bumpy users!
The brushes textured with leaves don't have hte texture fitted.. You see t he leaves being cutted in half.. Looks bad.. (Gotta love the sound it does when you hit a tree! - although it might get annoying when you hit them too many times!))
When at the end of the icy jump you go too high you hit a clip or a skybox brush and you can't do the jump!
It's also hard to tell when the icy beggins at the start of the jump!

End Room:
Simple.. Was hoping for something better looking!
Looks too metalic with the bumpy build!

This is a nice map, but the jumps are random and too easy...
It needs a lot of work!

**               .:xandaxs:.wow               **



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