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Welcome to UrT Jumpers, the Urban Terror jumping community.


The goal of this site is to bring jumpers (good or bad) from all over the world together to one joint place.
We keep track of jumping maps in the 'About Jump Maps' section, associations of videos of the according map posted by our members, speed runs and many more things.

Our forum is monitored 24/7, and questions will be answered as soon as possible.
Why don't you have a look around and register if you like!

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How make a camera?
Today by z3r0rad1ant
Mapper's corner 1 Today 08:26:03
by Markinho
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by Driller
Continuing News about UrT HD
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2014-07-24 by valter)))
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Moria [beta 1]
2013-09-04 by Markinho
New maps, Beta, Level Previews 63 2014-07-25 23:00:26
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Some pictures...
2014-07-25 by Sensati0n
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by Sensati0n
Just a question
2014-07-22 by valter)))
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[GORE] Servers
2014-07-23 by Fenix
Jumper's corner 6 2014-07-24 00:08:13
by Driller
Loops Jumps
2014-07-15 by Levant
New maps, Beta, Level Previews 15 2014-07-23 21:24:02
by Markinho
Youtube upload
2014-07-23 by Babyface
Everything else 4 2014-07-23 19:22:29
by Babyface
UrT HD (UE4) 30 2014-07-23 04:22:11
by Moonie
CHECK THIS OUT: VideoGames !!!!
2011-01-06 by Noxtty
Everything else 261 2014-07-22 20:34:09
by Isaac

RSS New maps, Beta, Level Previews New maps, Beta, Level Previews    (Topics »)

Date/Author Title Comment
by Levant
Loops Jumps (15) 2014-07-23
by Markinho
by Isaac
Walljumps The Real Deal Yo! (18) 2014-07-21
by Isaac
by Hugo
ut42_fhjumps_b1 (62) 2014-07-20
by Hugo
by PabloWtf
BrBadJumps - ALPHA (12) 2014-07-19
by Driller
by Flirodia
ut42_HardTimes_b2 (7) 2014-07-05
by Moonie

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